Two months ago I swallowed a bitter pill. It was: There is no seat for me at the table.

I expressed my distress in a bit of a rant on LinkedIn:

I came across a list of “influential readings” for a master program on innovation and entrepreneurship — and it made me really, really angry. Why?

It’s a list over 5 pages, with 71 books on startups, leadership etc. Only 1 has a female single author, and only 4 have women as co-authors alongside male co-authors. That’s 7% of books on that list. Or: crazily skewed.

Somewhere along the journey…

How do you deal with errors at work? Why do some people cope better with them than others?

This is what my colleague Christoph Seckler and his co-authors Sebastian Fischer and Kathrin Rosing chose to explore in a brand new research paper that has just been published by Academy of Management Discoveries. Specifically, they study positive attitudes towards errors and the ability to cope with them. The researchers call this error management orientation. They conducted three studies and collected qualitative and quantitative data from auditors in accounting firms. …

Covid-19 is massively changing our world and presents extreme challenges for our health and wellbeing, our health-care systems, public life, businesses — and thus to all of us individually, in various ways.

In this article, I as an entrepreneurship researcher focus on what I know best: entrepreneurs, who have unique ways in handling times of crisis and uncertainty. For anyone who is not directly impacted by severe illness, the loss of loved ones, high financial constraints or domestic abuse or other sources of extreme despair and anxiety, their decision-making logics might provide support in navigating these stormy seas.

This article…

Sophia Braun

PhD Candidate from Berlin. Writer, community builder and book club host (Re:Frame Innovation). Researching uncertainty, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

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